Quality Management Systems: Daryl Guberman

Daryl Guberman

Daryl Guberman

ISO 9000 is a series of standards, developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), that define, establish, and maintain an effective quality assurance system for manufacturing and service industries

This is a world of intense competition. People compete with each other fiercely, no matter which part of the world they live. The technology has made the world a very small place. Under such circumstances, you will find Darwin’s theory of “The Survival of the Fittest” coming true. The improvement and advancement in technology have leveled the playing field. Hence, manufacturing goods with better quality would seem the only way to outwit the competition. When it comes to quality, there should be a measuring yardstick. There should be an authoritative agency to judge the products from every angle. The ISO certification is one such internationally accepted standard.

The ISO certification

The ISO certification, also known as ISO 9000 is a ‘Quality Management System’ (QMS) standard designed to guide organizations to ensure customer as well as stakeholder satisfaction, and meet statutory and regulatory requirements. They consider the eight principles of management for determining the quality. We shall look at these principles in brief. The ISO 9001 lists out the requirements the business enterprises must fulfill in order to stain these high standards.

How do you acquire the ISO 9000 certification?

Business enterprises are naturally busy developing their own products and services. They may not be having the knowledge of their competitors and their methods of working. The ISO 9000 certification ensures a sense of uniformity in the process by stipulating similar qualifying standards all over the world. It would be difficult for the business enterprises to keep abreast of such information. Hence, they require the assistance of specialized consultants to assist them in these matters. Daryl Guberman is one such specialist in the field. As President of Guberman-PMC, LLC, Daryl Guberman has an important role to play.

Role of the consultant:=

Any product or service has to go through a number of processes before emerging successful. The quality management systems form an important aspect of this process. Consultants such as Daryl Guberman can be of assistance at this level. You cannot expect a business organization to be an expert in all matters. They should do what they are good at doing. They can restrict their activities to manufacturing or provide services leaving the QMS aspect to these consultants. Daryl Guberman has a vast experience of over three decades in guiding businesses in this matter. He has saved these companies million of dollars through his constructive productivity-enhancement suggestions. We shall look at the services of the consultant later on in this article. Prior to that, we shall have a brief idea as to what the eight principles of quality management are.

The Eight principles of Quality management

As discussed earlier, the ISO 9000 certification requires companies to satisfy the following eight principles of quality management. We shall list them out here.

  • Focus on the customer: The customer is the focal point of any business enterprise. The needs of the customer should be foremost on the minds of the business enterprises. The companies should strive to meet these requirements and exceed the expectations of the customers.
  • Leadership issues: Every initiative of the company requires a sense of direction. This brings to the forefront the issues of leadership. This involves creation and maintenance of an internal environment, conducive to ensure complete involvement of the people and achieve the organization’s objectives.
  • People involvement: You should remember that this is a collective responsibility. You should be able to elicit involvement of all your people to ensure the growth of your company.
  • Process approach: There should be a definite process by which a company should function. This is an important aspect of quality management system.
  • System approach: Management plays a very important role here. There should be defined systems that can help you to achieve the desired level of efficiency. There should be an interrelation between the various management processes.
  • Continuous improvement: The Company should ensure that the above processes function on a continuous basis. The enterprise should ensure continual improvement as a permanent objective.
  • Decisions based on facts: The Company should analyze the data and information available to them before arriving at an effective decision.
    Mutually beneficially relationships – The relationship between the organization, its suppliers, and consumers should be on a mutually beneficial basis for enhancing the value of each aspect.

    Services of consultants such as Daryl Guberman

    You have seen the eight principles of QMS. We shall now discuss the services offered by consultant firms with an emphasis on the above eight principles.

  • These consultant firms understand the issues of man-management. They know that a business enterprise may not be able to afford to have specialized staff for carrying out the internal audits and management review exercises. Daryl Guberman has a dedicated team at his disposal to take care of the internal audits of the Company. Their role does not end here.
  • Through these audits, they find out the areas where the Company requires strengthening. By focusing on these aspects and suggesting remedial measures, Daryl Guberman enables these companies to improve their quality of production. They would also be able to save unnecessary expenses and thus reduce cost of production.
  • By conducting these audits and management reviews, the consultant firms save tremendous person-hours that the Company could use in a productive manner.
  • The business enterprises may have to explain the audit reports to the stakeholders and other federal agencies. They may have their own queries regarding the same. The consultant firm undertakes to interact with these agencies as a value-added package.
  • By following the measures suggested by these consultants, the business enterprises can maintain high standards of quality as well as reduce the incurred costs. This would enable them to maintain their standards at a high level and ensure the boosting of revenues.

It is not easy to run a business enterprise. You have to look at various aspects. Quality management system is one of them. However, you can take the assistance of consultants such as Daryl Guberman to improve productivity as well as reduce unnecessary expenses and generate profit.