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The ARM 9009 quality management systems standard offers your company a wide variety of benefits. The quality standard is applicable to all manufacturers and suppliers of firearms, body armor and armored vehicles systems, as well as machine shops, metal fabricators, welding shops, plastic molders, and suppliers of various parts, components, forgings, tubing, fasteners, metals, plastics and other materials used in the production of firearms and armoring systems.

Benefits of the ARM 9009 standard:

  • ARM 9009 certification automatically qualifies you for ISO 9001 certification;
  • Increase credibility and competitiveness in the firearms and armoring marketplace;
  • Attract more customers involved in the huge firearms and armoring industries;
  • Provide confidence to interested parties as to the quality of your management system;
  • Enhance business performance and better cost management utilizing ARM 9009 standards.

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